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The World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. (WCLF) is an organisation for all legal and legally sensitive professions, operating internationally and across all sectors. It develops and promotes approaches and initiatives which reach beyond legal specialisations and national borders. The exchange among experts during events, in discussion groups and publications which does not ignore the political and economic dimension of the subjects involved is meant to initiate and support simplifications, further developments and the harmonisation efforts both at national and international level. WCLF e.V. is a legally recognized non-profit organisation, its events and contact groups are open to all interested parties. To its members, it also offers exclusive networking benefits as well as cooperation and marketing opportunities. Learn more about our work.


Tax 2020

The World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. promotes a more balanced, less complicated and internationally harmonised tax law. The Tax 2020 intiative combines the expertise available within the WCLF’s own ranks with external tax law know-how.

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