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Tax 2020

Tax Simplification and Harmonisation

The World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. promotes a more balanced, less complicated and internationally harmonised tax law. The Tax 2020 intiative combines the expertise available within the WCLF’s own ranks with external tax law know-how coming from universities and all legal industries. The members of the initiative build teams addressing relevant issues and preparing specific proposals for action.

Part of the initiative is a yearly idea competition, focussing on a topical tax law issue of international dimension. The call for proposals will be advertised by WCLF itself and will be published via its country representatives in as many universities as possible and other pertinent organisations. The jury awarding the WCLFiscal Award is composed of members of the Tax 2020 initiative. All contributions submitted will be collected and published by WCLF.

Further details on the first competition topic and the conditions for participation will shortly be announced.

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