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Our work

As a legally recognised non-profit organisation, the World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. (WCLF) stands for a national and international discussion of legal subjects which runs across traditional borders of professional interest groups or subject matter specialisation. Its activities reveal perspectives beyond particular interests and daily business.

In Germany, the WCLF organises conferences and workshops on interdisciplinary legal subjects. These events are documented and detailed in accompanying publications. The practical approach reaching across all legal sectors is reflected in the composition of its expert groups and executive committees – its members come from universities, administrative bodies and law firms. This policy ensures the development of positions and statements which take into account all dimensions of the subject under discussion and establish a larger framework. Particular emphasis is on the permanent exchange between research and practical work to which the prominent members of our international Board of Advisories make a major contribution.

The World Council for Law Firms and Justice has established a global structure. Distinguished academic scholars and legal practitioners coming from almost all countries of the world represent their respective national section and can be addressed by WCLF members. Their background reports and statements provide first-hand information on current topics and developments. Furthermore, the WCLF’s online platform gives its members the opportunity to present and discuss internationally relevant issues in detail.

The long-term aim of the WCLF’s activities is to simplify and harmonise existing legal systems, both continentally and globally. For that purpose, it establishes international working groups which concentrate on overarching questions and start initiatives according to their findings. Equally, the WCLF supports existing initiatives which are devoted to similar concerns. Furthermore, the Global Law Society, following the model of the world economic summit in Davos, is intended to develop into a well established legal think-tank which brings together leading figures from all over the world.