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Managing Board

The Managing Board of the WCLF consists of the general secretary, the treasurer and two assessors.

Evaluation Commission

The Evaluation Commission forms a link between all steering committees. It advises the Managing Board mainly on programmatic questions and with respect to the further development of quality standards.

Board of Directors

Each continent is represented by a regional director. They coordinate cross-border activities and support as Board of Directors the work of the Managing Board.

Country Sections

Each country is represented by a director (Head). They are the first contact persons for all subjects and concerns with regard to a specific country. The Heads initiate and coordinate expert groups on national level.

Expert Groups

The Expert Groups and Workshops of the WCLF organise on national level network exchange and events for the public focussing on specific legal subjects. Furthermore, the leaders of various Expert Groups work together on multi-disciplinary issues and events.

Board of Advisories

The members of the Board of Advisories act as counsel for the Expert Groups. They are available as speakers at significant WCLF events and contribute their expertise to the WCLF’s national and international initiatives.